About us

One of the best Canadian hi-tech start-up company in 3D printing industry

Our story

Incorporated in Jan 2017, Mech Solutions is a hi-tech start-up company in 3D printing industry in Vaughan, Ontario. With over 30 employees, Mech Solutions focuses on developing a cloud-based AI-powered 3D printing management platform, Cloud 3D Print, and provides related business such as 3D printer sales and maintenance, designs, rapid prototyping. Our vision is to provide Additive Manufacturing Industry with innovative solutions by fully utilizing our R&D team’s specialties in deep learning and computer vision, IoT, cyber security, cloud computing and live streaming.

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Our philosophy

Mech solutions is focused on being the best software and hardware providers in 3D printing industry. We aim to p rovide all your 3D printing needs and support. It is our intention to grow our relationships and provide innovative technology and services that will be beneficial to the culture and welfare of our customers. Our team consists of well trusted professionals who have several years of experience and are continuously being trained and enrolling in courses that will enable them to provide you with the best customer service. Mech Solutions is dedicated to the lifetime well being of our staff and customers.

Our founder

Mech Solution Ltd was founded on Jan 2017 by Dr. Henry Zhou who has many years of industry and academic researching experience in the Mechanical industry. He obtained his mechanical engineering PhD degree from Imperial College London, UK, supervised by Royal Academic Chair of Britain. After completion, Dr, Zhou continued his research at the University of Toronto, as a Postdoctoral Fellow before and worked in the mechanical consulting company before he founded Mech Solutions Ltd. He has been involved in writing ASTM standard during his study and published many journal and conference papers with the emphasis on computational fracture mechanics. Dr. Zhou has mastered the most popular coding language and design, 3D printing, and simulation software.

Our team

Our team is built with a group of internationally educated and talented professionals who are proficient in the areas of software engineering, Deep learning, and 3D printing. We have a young and energetic team in Canada who are continuously upgrading their skill set through various training and workshops. We have over 30 employees where 100% have bachelor degree and 50% have master or PhD degree. It is our aim to attract great individuals to join our team for us to ensure that we deliver the best value for our customers.

Our Core Value


We keep utilizing innovative technologies and strive to be the first of our own kind.


We deliver reliable 3D printing solutions with ease of use and cloud access.


We provide valuable functions to 3D printing users and increase their productivity.