3D Printing Service

We are offering in-house or out-source 3D printing service with fast delivery.

Better Way to Shape Your Concept

Our 3D Printing services provide customers a convenient and cost-effective way in utilizing diversified printing materials and sophisticated 3D printing technologies to create customized models, prototypes, and parts for all individuals and industries.

What we can offer

Mech Solutions offer 3D Printing service for any of your customized requests.

Can print PLA, ABS, TPU, Nylon filaments. The products are cost effective and very popular to basic proof-of-concept models and simple prototyping. It is not suitable for complex design and difficult for post-processing.

Can print photopolymer resin and highly versatile material selection. The products are relatively cost effective, come with highest resolution and accuracy, and surface is fine. Best for functional prototyping, patterns, molds and tooling.

Can print nylon powder. The delivery is around 2 weeks. The products are good for functional prototyping and end-use production. The price is relatively high and not good for structures required support.

Can print metals like aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The delivery is around 4 weeks. The products contain excellent mechanical properties and good for engineering purpose. The price is relatively high.

Making a silicone mold and can copy up to 15 3D printing products. It can save you time and money when you need to mass product the same part. Normal process is 3-4 weeks.

Including surface grinding, polishing and coloring. It can make your work look better, improve strength and make it unique with coloring. Normal process is 3-4 weeks.

Service Flow

1. Upload

Upload your files or send us your quotation

2. Choose

Choose your material and finish type

4. 3D Print

We send a quotation, if agree, we’ll 3D print

3. Delivery

Delivery your model or local pick up

Why Choose us



We have performed over 300 project in the past two years

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successful rate

We use best support, infill rate, and 3D printer to give best result


3D Printer

We have 50 3D printers working simultaneously

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Delivery Day

We can delivery your project promptly. We ship from Toronto

Printing Materials

We can provide different type of materials to fulfilled your personalized design


Using FDM 3D printer, we provide different type of filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, Metal Filled etc.


Using SLA 3D printer to produce higher resolution objects with resin. Can print multiple colors including transparent.


Parts are made by Nylon 12 using SLS 3D printer, which is ideal for functional prototypes and end-use parts.


The SLS 3D printer brings versatility to your applications, whether for functional prototyping or direct 3D production

Show Case

View and see procedure of 3D printing projects and hundreds of 3D printing gallery of our previous work!

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