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The core value of Mech Solutions Ltd’s FEA service is to provide user-defined subroutine for R & D projects, theoretical and numerical algorithms, pre- and post-processing and powerful computing capacities to perform solid, dynamic, fracture, thermal, manufacturing, and any other simulations.

Mech Solutions Ltd provides solid, dynamic, fracture, thermal, manufacturing, and any other simulations.

Our Service

Mech Solutions Ltd works on FEA R&D projects for industrial firms, governments, and academic research centers. Our entrepreneurial, innovative, and executive engineers can perform solid, dynamics, thermal, fractural, modal, and manufacturing simulations for various industries. We have strong research ability on FEA with a high volume of publications and certifications. We are stressing writing user-defined subroutine and providing customized code to solve specific issues. We want to be a seamless extension of our clients and help you to find the reliable and innovative solutions.

The Service in FEA Include:

At Mech Solutions, we offer flexible consulting services to provide you expertise and increase in productivity with very competitive pricing national-wide. Whether you need a professional for a specific project and you are not wanting to hire a new employee, or you are looking for a long-term partner to handle complex problems, we will be giving you your best solution.

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Material Database

Material Database Plugin

FREE and easy to use
API For Abaqus
Provide material properties for 316 materials
Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, Expansion Coeff, Density, Conductivity, Specific Heat, Ultimate Stress, and Yield stress


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