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Mech Solutions Ltd provides consulting service on FEA, CFD, and DEM project with our  entrepreneurial, innovative, and executive engineers who have strong knowledge on solid, dynamic, thermal, fractural, particle, and fluid analysis for various industries. 

Mech Solutions Ltd provides consulting service on your FEA, CFD, and DEM project.

Our Advantage​


Our professionals have strong research and development skills to handle complex simulation projects. It is the preciseness and perfection in our work to clients that we persistently pursue. 

Mechanical Design | Mech Solutions ltd


Our projects run under the Agile model which allows efficient communications, continuous feedback and flexible modifications to the products to ensure the final result will meet clients’ needs.

Mechanical Design | Mech Solutions ltd


Depending on our customers’ need, we can offer extended services including 3D printing, design to give our customers end-to-end overall enterprise solutions.

Mechanical Design | Mech Solutions ltd


Mech Solutions Ltd retains efficient and optimized management to projects to ensure high-quality work. We aim to gain clients’ trust and increase clients’ satisfaction persistently.

Our Service

Solid, dynamics, thermal, fractural, modal, and manufacturing simulations

Aerodynamics, multiphase flows, heat transfer, and thermal modelling

Modelling particles and granular materials. Behaviour of contact and fluid contribution

Service Flow

Project Assessment

Our professionals will meet with the client to discuss the goals of the project. The client will need to provide high-level requirements for the project, and our team will conduct analysis for the feasibility of the project, solution direction, time, and effort required.

Time And Cost Estimation

After initial analysis, we will conduct a presentation to the client to discuss the solution choices, time, and cost estimation. If the client decides to proceed with our service, we will ask for the purchase order and the service contract for the two parties to sign-off.

Implementation And Reporting

Our team will start to implement solutions for the project. We will present the progress and results on a weekly basis to allow the client to provide feedback or make any requirements or adjustments.

Feedback And Delivery​

Before delivering the solution to the client, the client will review it to ensure that it meets all their requirements. Adjustments can still be made if the client is unsatisfied with the results. The full-service payment will be required from the client after deliverin…

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