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FAQ: Delivery & Pick up

About Delivery

What is the ETA and how is it determined?

The usual ETA for our orders are between 3-5 business days. This excludes weekends & statutory holidays. We send out our products during our business hours (Mon-Fri, 9:30-5:30pm)

Why is my order delayed?

We aim to provide adequate services to our customers however there are certain factors that might impede on our ability to stick with our standard ETA. For more information on what those might be please look at our delivery policy.

How to estimate the shipping cost?

When you select an order online, in the shipping section there is an option to choose different shipping method with different cost.

What if my order is lost?

We provide tracking number for each shipment, If the order gets lost within the transport, please contact the courier company, if it is our fault, we will resend a new item to you.

Do you provide free delivery?

Because 3D printing and 3D signage belong to customized products, the shipping cost is not any service provided by Mech Solutions Ltd, the delivery fee is NOT included, the shipping fee is calculated by selected courier’s system and it will be included in the official invoice.

Why the shipping fee is cheaper than me?

Because we have made contract with courier company and get huge discount shipping fee, we do not charge extra cost for the shipping.

Why my delivery is cancelled?

If the item(s) purchased are no longer in stock or we may not arrange time on the service, we will notify you via email and refund the funds in the manner it was purchased.

About Pick Up

Can I purchase my product online and pick up in store?

Our headquarter is based in Concord and we allow instore pick-ups for any order that is based in Ontario within a 50km radius. If you are outside of this radius, we ship the items to our customers.

Do I need to make an appointment for pick up?

If you come during our working time, which is Monday to Friday, 9.30-17.30 EST, you do not need make an appointment, however, if you want to come during weekend, please come after you get the approval.

Can I pay during pick up?

If you order the 3D printing products or 3D signage, you need to pay before processing. For the goods we sell on Mech E-Store, you can pay during your pick up.