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FAQ: 3D Signs

General Inquiries

I have a large project but limited time. How much notice do I need to give?

We usually request at least 2-5 days’ notice as our machines require some time to print intricate details.

How are prices calculated?

All Shapeways products are designed by our community members some of whom offer freelance design services. Please see 'I have an idea can you design it for me?' below.

How are these products made?

The price depends on several criteria, including (but not limited to):

  • The physical quantity of material used for the end objects
  • The total quantity of material used during the manufacturing process (supports, offcuts)
  • Total machine time for the manufacturing process
  • Time spent in post-processing, quality control and packaging

We will send you the quotation before processing your project.

Who designs these products?

We request you to send vector image and total dimensions of your signage, and we will design the 3D signage and confirm with you before processing. If the image is not vector, there are additional charges for our design.

How are these products made?

Mech solutions uses industrial sized 3D printers to create the signage wall and CNC to cut the bot and top plate, stick together and insert the LED lights.


Which materials do you use ?

We use indoor or outdoor filament to 3D print the wall of signage, depends on your purpose. The bot and top plate are acrylic.

Is it tough enough for outdoor use?

Yes, it can be used outdoor -50 – 50 °C

Is it brittle?

The signage is for display purpose, due to the nature of 3d printing technology, it is fragile it cannot be used for engineering application.

Can we choose customized color?

We provide multiple but limit color selection on the filaments and acrylic plate, we can choose the nearest color, but we cannot allow you to choose the customized color.

Can I choose multiple colors?

Yes, we use dual color 3D printer to print the wall, we allow customer to choose two colors on the wall. Also, for the top plate, you can choose all customized color, as we can print onto the acrylic board

Order From Us

How can I process the order?

Please fill out the form on our get a quote page, some of our specialist will contact you and send you the quotation, once you agree with the price, please pay and let us process the manufacturing.

Can I pay when I pick up the item?

Due to the nature of customized product, we have to process before we receive the payment.

It is urgent project; can I get it quicker?

The biggest strength for 3D printed signage is it can be much quicker than tranditial signage business, the normal process time is 3-5 days, additional charge may apply if you request prompt manufacturing.