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Mech Solutions bridges science and math with robotics and technology – kids as young as age 4 all the way up to high school.


RoboEDU aims to inspire and encourage learning in the STEM fields by bringing together like-minded students, teachers, and mentors who are passionate about technology. We guide our students to be free-thinking designers and builders with strong skills in coding, communication and teamwork. Dedicated to the lifelong success of our students, our programs employ a unique learning method designed to ensure students apply their knowledge and reach their fullest potential. We believe in the broadening our students’ skill sets by providing valuable experiences in working with others and participating in competitions.

Why you need to learn robotics?

3D pens allow us to draw any three dimensional objects and can be used to develop several forms of art. 

Benefits of Learning Robotics

Robotics bring knowledge and creativity together and allow student to learn something cool. And when learners can do cool stuff, they want to do more

it allows students to be more hand on and be more invested in the project

This allows them to be prepared for the future with either building the robots or the coding it makes them ready for the future

Now that artificial intelligence because more prevalent in our lives and has more companies get bigger, we need students to be able to understand and program 

Robotics incorporates a range of skills by different people, and encourages working with others to utilize those skills

Learning about robotics is fun and as it become easier more people can enjoy it

Robotics Programs

We bridge science and math with robotics and technology – kids as young as age 4 all the way up to high school..

Robotics 1

Age : 6-9

A child’s early years are when they develop the foundations of their individuality and character. Kids learn essential life skills through creative play, exploration and hands-on experiences.

Robotics 2

Age : 9-12

Unleashing Creativity to Bring Robotics to Life To become the creators of tomorrow, students need to have the freedom to create and ability to innovate and think on their feet.


Age : 12-14

Young students need to be at the forefront of technology, able to think critically and collaborate with their peers for a successful transition into higher education and industy.


Age : 13+

For students with a solid foundation in VEX IQ, RoboEDU offers classes at the next level. Instructors guide students as they dive deep into programming.


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We are prondly be partnership with Robo EDU, our goal is to help students and educators bridge science and technology with robtics. 

For Students

We provide short-term workshop and long-term training courses on robotics for young inventors.

For Educators

We provide either in-house or on-site training sessions for educators . Be a reliable partner of your STEAM courses.