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Design of welded structures has always been a tough job due to the difficulty in describing irregular cross-section, welds, irregular arrangement in space and other details. However, Our engineer in Mech Solutions Ltd has done this job as easy and interesting.

Firstly, We create 3D sketch in the space with all self-defined or regular profile of the structure, which defines the line represents the profile. Secondly, we can Simply add the plates and stiffeners, welded joints and other structural elements. Based on the material database we created in the software, we can have an accurate assessment of the weight and performance of the beam or other structure and weldments, also SolidWorks Simulation, which is part of SolidWorks software, has special tools for budget welded structures using finite element method. A speedy amendment of steel profiles and re-calculations, you can optimize your design and make it safer and cheaper. An example of weldements design for frame of kart is shown below:

When creating technical documentation SolidWorks allows us to work with configurations. In one configuration, we can have a model for welding, while the other model’s final appearance after machining, which can be used in the generation of technical documentation. In the process of making documents SolidWorks automatically extracts the positions of all parts of the welded structure and to be filled out by the standard, and the value of the label length of the steel profiles, which are used for the preparation of cutting and welding. In addition to the SolidWorks, geometry has a unique functionality to define welds. Each weld can be defined on a 3D model, and later on, a technical summary can display a table of all welds, with an estimated total length, price, and quantity of welding consumables (electrodes and wires CO2). The time required for the welding operation can also be automatically assessed. In the cross-sections on the basis Definitions of the welded joint in the 3D model display corresponding symbols, which saves time for production of technical documentation.

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