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Part and assembly design in CAD technology is the basic and everyday-used function in any CAD softwares. In Mech Solutions Ltd, we are using Solidworks, AutoCAD and other software to perform 3D or 2D design. We believe our consulting service can achieve your target while reduce your costs. We can send our engineers onsite to finish a project which may not worthy to hire a long-term employee and we can provide solutions in our office.

With the everyday used 3D CAD tools, we can design complex components and large assembly, like automobile, airplane etc. Some examples of our design are shown here, please click to see more details of our CAD show case.

This article is focus on the assembly tools, while  designing a part is not mentioned here due to the simplicity.


Our engineers with use of this application receive a huge advantage because these applications with extensive experience of our experts eases working with large and complex assemblies of several thousand parts. The advantages are easier operation and for you as our customer are easier reading  of drawings on your computers without multiple gigabytes of memory and special graphics cards.

Top down design

Our engineers apply this technology top down design for  modeling parts in the context of the assembly. In designing the models and assemblies we can not set all parts in advance to fit because it is very difficult to analyze all the problems that can occur especially in circuits with many parts and subassemblies. Experts of our company  are using this possibility of technology, which offers the ability to create parts within the assembly using the familiar geometry. This methodology is very efficient because part which is thus projected after easily fit because it is practically emerged from the complex and the problems related to its operation, and at any time can be monitored and changed its relations with other elements, which significantly accelerates and shortens design time.

Layout Design

In addition to the known ways of designing circuits, experts implement design circuits based on Layouts. The complete circuit is monitored and defined on the basis of a drawing in which all defined relationships and dimensions.

Please visit our Part and Assembly page to see more examples.