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Our professionals are specialized in complex product design with expertise in 3D printing, surface repair healing, sophisticated parts creation and reverse engineering using the function of advanced surface and such technology is important in the industry of vehicles, aeronautics, plastics and artware.

3D printing

Our designers can help our customers to create customized models in a fast, accurate way and ready for instant 3D printing! To realize your idea more precisely, the principle of surface is unavoidable when we need to create geometric shapes of high complexity. We explore the possibilities using the state-of-art 3D printing software such as Magics and popular commercial 3D tools such as Solidworks and RhinoCeros.

Our previous customers let us design customized wedding shoes for their most important day, our professionals used about 216 hours to finish this project and of course, it is attracting shoes.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object. When you gave us the drawing or just one picture, we are able to review from the different views and use the functionality of surface to create such complex models, from a DIY design:

to complex structures:

Free form surface

Our designers can very easy make some adjustments to a surface or model in a freeform feature, like the wedding shoes and Audi A8. We can adjust the position of the face at each point and choose the type of curvature. We can add control points to that edge and also click on tangency handles and delete points as required

Surface Healing

The original files from 3D scanning or from suppliers are usually not editable, in such a case, we need to import the file to our CAD software and do surface repair or healing. Import data from a digital scanner using ScanTo3D. Our engineers perform automatic regeneration of surfaces from point clouds, from which you can later get volumetric 3D models. We can manually repair and knit the surface, which is ready for creating solid body and ready for 3D printing.

Please visit our Surface page to see more examples.