CAD Design

Our CAD service helps customers in designing the accurate and productive models, analyzing integrity and functionality, and visualizing concepts through photorealistic renderings and animation.


Our Service

Mech Solutions Ltd works on communicating and realizing your design ideas, providing better drawings of products, and presenting high quality visualizing effects. Also, the model we create can be in specific format which can then be used in 3D printing and simulation in the area of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Discrete Element Method (DEM), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). See more details about CAD service.

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Our Advantage​


Our drawings could be directly sent out for manufacturing, which includes standard format of GD&T, sub-assemblies and components, exploded details and Bill of materials etc.


Our professionals can work on-site, make sprint daily-scrum, pull a small chunk from the top of the plan and complete those pieces based on efficient and effective communication with customers.


Depending on our customers’ need, we can offer extended services including 3D printing, FEA , DEM, and CFD to give our customers end-to-end overall enterprise solutions.


Our mechanical designers are professional in synthesizing, analyzing and documenting of designs. We are aiming at fast designing, lower cost and shorter project completion times.

Our Certificate

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Core

Title Disc. : CSWE – Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert – Mechanical Design

Inventor 2012 Certified Associate

CSWPA-SU Certified SOLIDWORKS Profeesional - Advanced Surfacing

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Our Service Flow​

Project Assessment

our professionals will meet with the client to discuss the goals of the project. The client will need to provide high-level requirements for the project, and our team will conduct an analysis for the feasibility of the project, solution direction, time, and effort req…

Time And Cost Estimation

After initial analysis, we will conduct a presentation to the client to discuss the solution choices, time, and cost estimation. If the client decides to proceed with our service, we will ask for the purchase order and the service contract for the two parties to sign-off.

Implementation And Reporting

Our team will start to implement solutions for the project. We will present the progress and results on a weekly basis to allow the client to provide feedback or make any requirements or adjustments.

Feedback And Delivery​

Before delivering the solution to the client, the client will review it to ensure that it meets all their requirements. Adjustments can still be made if the client is unsatisfied with the results. The full-service payment will be required from the client after deliverin…

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