Welcome to Mech Solutions

At Mech Solutions we understand the central purpose of course management and aim to provide the framework for the essentials of 3D printing and design. Using key guidelines our courses represents a distinct learning journey which provides intensive sharing of knowledge, experience, innovation and design. With learning personnel who have a combined many years of experience in the 3D world, we are more than equipped with the fundamentals to provide adequate information and training on 3D Print and 3D Design.

Our course policy provides the ground rules for anyone who is interested in enrolling in any of our courses and the responsibility they have in staying in accordance with our guidelines. This policy recognizes the importance of diversity and the different learning styles and techniques that must be catered for. It is our responsibility to ensure that we have the necessary tools to provide the training for the needs of our staff and registered students. 

1. Course Materials

Mech Solutions provides extensive materials and support that will enable all our registered students the ability to complete the courses effectively. Our program are split up into segments. Each segment covers a different topic involved in the course. Registered students will have access to course materials online as well as access to our trained expertise who will be able to assist.

2. Refund

1) Registered students can get refunds if the student provides written notice to Mech Solutions Ltd that he or she is withdrawing from the course;

2) If the written notice of withdrawal is provided: a) At least two weeks before the first class being completed,  full refund may be issued. b) From two weeks before the first class to 20% of the course have been provided, 50% refund may be issued. c) After 20% of the course have been provided, no refund will be issued.

3) If Mech Solutions has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to under the student contract, the excess amount will be refunded.

3. Dismissals 

Students will be dismissed if Mech Solutions finds out that they are in violation of any of our policies. If Mech Solutions finds out that the students are soliciting any of the policies to third parties without the permission of Mech Solutions that student will be removed from the course with no refund applicable to them.

Under no circumstances are students allowed to share any of the course material content with the public without citing and crediting Mech Solutions. Failure to do such will be automatically deemed as plagiarism and copyright infringement in which Mech Solutions will take legal action if necessary.