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Mech Solutions Ltd is your one time stop for all your 3D Printing needs. We provide services in 3D printing, 3D Education, 3D Signage, mechanical design, and simulation (FEA, CFD, DEM). We also carry high-quality 3D printers, filaments, resin and accessories products that can be easily purchased at Mech E-Store. We aim to give our customers innovative, effective, and reliable solutions and products with competitive prices and differentiated clients experience.

Why Choose US

  • Top 3D Printer Seller: We are ranked as the top best 3D printing sellers in Ontario, Canada.
  • Stand on the edge of technology: We are actively researching advanced topics in 3D printing, design, simulations. Knowledge and creativity are our strength.
  • Guarantee Execution Power: We aim to give the highest agility and the most reliability service. We are known for our quick delivery, satisfied results.
  • Demonstrate Professional Skills: we consist of trusted professionals who have  years of experience in top firms and universities. We are committed to meet your high-demand goals.
  • Offer Competitive Force: we offer competitive prices and provide customized solutions to suit your time and budget. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our Service

In the past few years, we have utilized our expertise and experience to help customers solve complex problems such as user-defined subroutine in simulation, design of complex and large assemblies, and customized 3D printing products. We will continue the value-adding process for customers through current and future services in


  • Micron-class
  • 50 3D Printer on-site
  • Industrial-Scale 3D Scanning
  • 30+ Metal, Resin, Photopolymer
  • Offer One-stop Service to Reality Design


  • Weekly Workshop
  • 3D Printing, Design Courses
  • Using TinkCAD, Fusion 360, Solidworks
  • Provide 3D Pen, 3D Printer Educational Model
  • Integrated with STEM, Intrigue Creative Thinking


  • Light Box
  • Store front Signs
  • Illuminated Channel Letters
  • Customized signs with 3D Printing
  • Cost-effective, product faster, multi-color...


  • Solidworks
  • Customized Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Surface, sheet metal, weldments
  • Rendering, Animation, Interactive Design


  • Fine Meshing
  • User-defined subroutine
  • Optimize Process Confuration
  • Stress, Fracture, Thermal, Vibration...


  • 3D Printer
  • Filament, Resin
  • 3D Printer Accessries
  • Customeized 3D Printing Products
  • Creality, Flashforge, Tevo, Wanhao, CCTRE, etc
Our Philosophy

Mech solutions is focused on being the best consultancy and training services in 3D printing. We aim to provide all your 3D printing needs and support. It is our intention to grow our relationships and provide innovative technology and services that will be beneficial to the culture and welfare of our customers. Our team consists of well trusted professionals who have several years of experience and are continuously being trained and enrolling in courses that will enable them to provide you with the best customer service.  Mech Solutions is dedicated to the lifetime well being of our staff and customers.  

Our Founder

Mech Solution Ltd was founded on Jan 2017 by Dr. Henry Zhou who has many years of industry and academic researching experience in the Mechanical industry. He obtained his mechanical engineering PhD degree from Imperial College London, UK, supervised by Royal Academic Chair of Britain. After completion, Dr, Zhou continued his research at the University of Toronto, as a Postdoctoral Fellow before and worked in the mechanical consulting company before he founded Mech Solutions Ltd. He has been involved in writing ASTM standard during his study and published many journal and conference papers with the emphasis on computational fracture mechanics. Dr. Zhou has mastered the most popular coding language and design, 3D printing, and simulation software.

Our Team

Our team is built with a group of internationally educated and talented professionals who are proficient in the areas of 3D design consulting, 3D printing & 3D Education. We have a young and energetic team in Canada who are continuously upgrading their skill set through various training and workshops. Our production line and purchase team is based in China, as well as our human resources and hardware who are in multiple countries including USA, Canada, & UK. It is our aim to attract great individuals to join our team for us to ensure that we deliver the best value for our customers.


Mech E Store is your one stop shop for all things 3d printing. We carry a lot of different 3d printers and 3d printing accessories with competitive prices and free shipping options. Because of this Mech E Store has become one of Canada’s most popular 3D printer retailers


We carry Creality, Tevo, Wanahao and Flashforge products that will be sure to meet your requirements

3D Printer Products

Whether you are making a tough and durable part or a detailed model we have the filament you’ll need


From customized 3d printed moon lamp to 3d printed filament holders we sell a variety of unique 3d printed produtcs


The Mech Pen Pro and the Mech Pen are our very own line of high quality 3d pens which make a nice addition to your 3d printing collection

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