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Silicone Molding

Small Batch Production

Silicone Molding is a fast and cost-efficient way to make copies of products based on customized model. Mech Solutions Ltd provide silicone molding service. which can produce up to 15 copies for each mold made from your 3D printed model, using Room-Temperature-Vulcanization (RTV) silicone, and the copies of the model can be made with a variety of materials including PUABS, Nylon, PP and PC, and in various colors and finishing styles.


3D Printing

Toy Bear Prototype

3D Printing

Duck prototype

3D Printing

Silicon Molding Prototype

Step by Step

3d Printing Product | Mech Solutions ltd

Step 1: Construct a mold box

The mold box will be constructed with the size of slightly bigger than the model, and the box will be sealed properly.

Step 2: Pour Rubber Into The Mold Box.

A proper amount of silicon rubber mixed with vulcanizing agent will be prepared and poured into the mold box.

step 3: Demold and cut the mold

The box walls will be carefully removed, and the silicon mold will be cut open to remove the model in it.

Step 4: Make copies of the products

The casting material will be poured into the mold. Finally the casted product will be removed. Repeat to make copies.

Production Video