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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)



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Biodegradable: Polylactic acid, or PLA, is a bioplastic printing material that comes from natural materials like corn, tapioca, and potatoes

3D Prints: Precise model visualization (medical industry allows doctors to utilize 3D printed models to help better understand patients’ conditions).  Architects can quickly build affordable high-resolution models for presentations.

Surface finishing: Can be produced in a variety of colors and therefore ideal for 3D prints that focus more on the aesthetics. As a result of its low printing temperature, when properly cooled it is less likely to warp, making it easier to print sharper corners. 


One of the most commonly used 3D printing materials, it’s the most recommended material for many 3D printers. Often sed as a decomposable packaging material. Cups and bags have been made from PLA. As a result, its excellent biocompatibility and mechanical properties it is used extensively. It is both aesthetically appeasing and durable in the various field pertaining to engineering, medical and art. 

Not Suitable

PLA plastic will not break down into natural elements, therefore improperly disposed PLA plastics can contaminate recycling processes. 

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