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We are the first startup in Canada utilizing 3D printing for highly customized display signs.  People are always looking for something refreshing in advertising and promotions, which is what 3D printing is enabling.  We have developed solutions to print eye-catching 3D signage, illuminated channel letters, 3D printed photo props and much more.

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LED Channel Letters

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Store Front Signs

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Mech Solutions Ltd is dedicated in utilizing 3D printing in advertising, promoting, and displays.  We have developed a solution to print 3D signs fast and cost effectively.  We are enabling something different.  Something stunning, refreshing and entertaining, that can catch people’s attention.  We help our clients’ companies or products getting exposed through social network, and we believe it is a more efficient way of marketing. 

Our Mission

3D Printing Signage

Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics. STEAM is a great solutions for persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process.

What is the advantage of 3D Signage

Full end-to-end services from consulting, designing, manufacturing, installation, electrical hook up and on-going service

Competence  in manufacturing digital displays, sign installation, and large format digital printing

We offer a ride variety of support and solutions to assist our educators who use 3D printing to liven up the classroom. Fun & exciting challenges are created to boost engagement and participation in the classrooms.

One of the benefactors of our STEAM program is that it helps students develop critical thinking. Mech solutions provides the training and solutions that cater to the development of creativity and critical thinking.

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